Cabo San Antonio, Cuba
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Cabo San Antonio

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Cabo San Antonio
Cuba Destinations - Cabo San Antonio Cabo San Antonio, the most western part of Pinar del Rio, is a recommended destination for everyone who wants to disconnect from daily reality for a while.

Cabo San Antonio is part of the Guanahacabibes Peninsula national park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that still is virtually untouched and home to a large number of mammals including deer and boars as well as numerous bird species.

There is just one hotel in the area, Villa Cabo San Antonio, from where you can arrange nature and dive excursions. About 4 kilometer from the hotel stands the Roncali Lighthouse, which marks the most the most western tip of Cuba. Other highlights nearby hotel Villa Cabo San Antonio are the fabulous "Las Tumbas" beach and the La Sorda cave.
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