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Cuba Destinations - Guantanamo Guantánamo is a mountainous region with contrasting climates and landscapes in the one region. It’s the only place in Cuba where you’ll find semi-desert zones.

The first city on the island was founded by the Spanish conquerors as Our Lady of the Assumption of Baracoa in 1511. It became the first capital of Cuba and the first bishopric was founded here, too.

In 1805, the French colonialists, that had escaped the Haitian Revolution, took refuge in this region. Some 35,000 Frenchmen received land titles in the Guantánamo region and developed coffee and cacao plantations. As in New Orleans, the French influence in the architecture can be seen in the whole region.

The bay, that takes the same name as the province, is found in the south and is considered one of the largest in the world. Since 1903, a United States Naval Base, has been situated in the bay.

This region is home to the driest and the most humid zones in the country. This is due to the Sagua-Baracoa massif which divides the province: the north coast is humid while the southern coast is much hotter and drier. The north is characterized by tropical jungle while the south is arid and home to large cactus.

The rich history of Guantánamo is a legacy of its indigenous name which means ‘earth between rivers.’ It is a large repository of flowing rivers including the Toa, Miel, Duaba and Yumurí.
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